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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is divided into two parts, the on page and the off-page optimization. The on-page optimization are more on structuring a website to ensure that it adheres to the search engine requirements. Below are the on-page services  that are included in the SEO business package of Cebu webs.

Header Tags – are an effective way to communicate to the search engines and readers what the particular page is all about.

Title Tag – One of the most important pieces of copy for SEO. Having a strong, relevant, clickable title can have a major impact on rankings, click-through rates and overall traffic.

Meta Tag – Meta tags are HTML codes that are inserted into the header on a web page, after the title tag, officially referred to as metadata elements, are found within the <head></head> section of your web pages. META Tags are still relevant with some indexing search engines.

Robots.txt – is a text (not html) file you put on your site to tell search robots which pages you would like them not to visit. Robots.txt is by no means mandatory for search engines but generally search engines obey what they are asked not to do. It is important to clarify that robots.txt is not a way from preventing search engines from crawling your site (i.e. it is not a firewall, or a kind of password protection) and the fact that you put a robots.txt file is something like putting a note “Please, do not enter” on an unlocked door – e.g. you cannot prevent thieves from coming in but the good guys will not open to door and enter. That is why we say that if you have really sensitive data, it is too naïve to rely on robots.txt to protect it from being indexed and displayed in search results.

URL Structuring – URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) are the foundation of hypertext for the World-Wide Web. A URL specifies the resource that a link “points to.” It tells you everything you need to know about the resource in order to get to it (if it doesn’t, you don’t get the resource). A URL has three basic parts: the protocol (how to get the resource); the server id (who to get the resource from); and the resource id (the name of the resource and how to find it on the target machine). In its most basic form, this looks like the following:

Image Optimization – is all about adding alt tags to all images that are found in your website. Image can be an effective SEO source. If a site contain too many images, one can add alt tags in images using the targeted keywords. Adding alt tags in images is like telling search engine bots what the image is all about.